My First Day of Lecturing

Yes, today is my first day of teaching at the Nursing Academy. I’ve been waiting for this day to come. First thought in my mind was: ‘Would I be able to do it? Will I love it?’

Formally, this is my first time of teaching in higher educational level and I think, I just fell in love. The class was scheduled for 3 hours and I have two classes in a row. Because today is the first week, I just gave them short introduction about Psychology and the rules applied in my class. It took me 1.5 hours for each class, so it wasn’t a full session yet. But, my voice is now almost gone! I can’t imagine how I will work through those 2 full sessions…

Patient, nurse and doctor

I learned a lot of things today. First was about the image of lecturer in Indonesia. I believe the students think that lecturer at higher educational level must be in middle age with scary face, heavy voice tone and bold glasses. Today, I was wearing a white casual shirt, black pants and colorful necklace. What surprise me was the look in my students eyes! They were like, ‘Is she the lecturer?‘ Well, I am definitely not a fortune teller or a mind reader, but their gaze at me could tell.

Second, I learned that the students are coming from many different cities, big and small. They are bundling together in my class and they help each other. I saw the after-class process in both classes. They handed out some papers which have been photocopied for the whole class. In one class, the leader of the class organized the students to pay such amount of money to make them easier when it comes into photocopy the materials. They tried their best to catch up. I hope this effort would last …

Third, I also learned that through teaching, I would have the opportunity of re-learning the previous materials and also keep on learning new perspective from my students.

Keep it up, guys!

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