Make Peace With Our Past

I had this conversation with my aunt this morning. It was about letting go all the things that we have been through in the past and make peace our past.

It is easy to say that we have done dealing with certain event or person from our past. But, when we have to look and dig deeper on that particular event/person, we still can feel certain feelings that we felt when that event happened.

Let me tell you the experience that my aunt feels up until today. So, long time ago, she wanted to apply for a scholarship in Netherlands. She went for language course and found a friend who wanted to go the same way. During the preparation, my Grandma told her to quit and stop all the plans straightaway. Grandma thought that if my aunt went to Netherlands that day, she wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with her. She was afraid that she would lost contact with my aunt.

Even though that event had happened long before I was born, my aunt still has that dream in her daily life. Especially when her days are rough, she would goes back to those days of preparation. She would embracing the moments and the wishful thoughts of having a better life in the Netherlands. This bad feeling was deepened by the fact that her friend (who had the same language class together) moved to the Netherlands. She told me that somehow she blamed my Grandma for not letting her go that day.

I have my own experiences of not making peace with my past, so I know how she feels about that event. I learned a lesson: no matter what had happened in our lives, the most important thing is how we react/respon upon that event. We can continue our lives by making peace to our past, or we can still walking forward without making peace with our past. There is only 1 difference between those two things, that we have no burden at our back when we are able to make peace with our past.

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