Da Vinci’s Eyes

Actually, I had this song in my iPod for 5 years now, but I never really listen and grasp the lyrics of this beautiful song. Now, I am falling in love with this song. Da Vinci’s eyes was performed by John Pizzarelli, a jazz guitarist, vocalist and band  leader from New Jersey.


I just got the lyrics by now and amazed by the depth of this song. It is simply an appreciation of oneself toward one’s beloved person. He imagines what will the world famous artists would do if they see his beautiful lady (despite his lack of self-esteem!). This song can captured the amusement that he has toward this lady, even though he really does nothing at all.

Anyway, here it comes the lyrics …

I haven’t the touch of a poet
I often find little to say
The map of my heart
It isn’t high art
My palate a study in grey

You are the subject of sonnets
I haven’t the courage to write
It’s hard to convey
In my own simple way
Just what i am feeling tonight

For Mozart would sing you a love song
Shakespeare would write you a play
But silly old me
I am clear up a tree
Left here with nothing to say

Well if suddenly genius should strike me
It wouldn’t be any surprise
Inspired by you
Perhaps i could do
What Da Vinci would do with your eyes

Oh what Da Vinci would do
What Da Vinci would do with your eyes

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