Dumbledore and Humanity (Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince)

Have you watched the newest serial of Harry Potter? If you haven’t, then go watch the movie first. Later on, you may decide whether you are on my side or not.

If you have watched the movie, I believe that you still have that hatred toward JK Rowling for killing Dumbledore in such a tragic way. I still do, even though I had read the 6th book about 2 years ago.


I want to share my subjective perspective on Dumbledore and his heroic action, to save Harry and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix members, as a way of being a human being. I am not going to talk about theology, but currently, I am reading a book titled ‘Lihatlah Tubuhku: Membebaskan seks bersama Yohanes Paulus II’ (Look at my body: Liberating sex with John Paul II) written by Deshi Ramadhani, SJ (written in Indonesian). It is written in p. 37, that one aspect of a perfect love triangle is giving oneself as a whole to the person that one loves. It is exactly what Dumbledore did in the story, he gave away his life for other people, including Harry.

Despite my own perspective, which is very subjective and not clear from a shadowy judgement, I have to admit that Dumbledore’s action reflected the deepest feeling in human heart, which is love. And love is not just to be spoke of, but most importantly, to be done, as Dumbledore has done it.

Dumbledore has shown the greatest treasure of humanity… to love!

PS: I will write a simple psychological diagnosis on Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape .. later on!

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