Our Origins

When I watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a few hours earlier, I thought to myself about human’s origins. We all have our own stories in this life. We inherited genes from our parents, which makes us as who we are now…

Wolverine is my favorite character in X-Men. He is strong, kind-hearted and yet able to hide his ‘animal’ character. He is complete as who he is, mixture of bad and good qualities as a person or a mutant (for me, he is a person). He loves Kayla (another mutant) so much and yet able to kill enemies through number of wars that he’s been through. He knows how to manage his good side over his bad qualities.Well, the origins of Wolverine was a bit pathetic, for he had go through rough process of replacing his flesh and blood with adamantine. I still love his character though…

I wonder to myself about my own origins. I’ve heard a lot about how parents behave in such a way and that behaviors contribute in modeling process by their children. For example, I have my Dad’s hard-headed quality. I never know how can I have such trait in me, but I think I look at my father a a figure and I do the same thing that he does (modeing process occurs). Many positive traits and behaviors can be seen and conditioned by responsible parents. They can deliver the good values, norms and religion to their children.

But, what about the orphans?

I have started my 1st week at the orphanage. What disturb me most is the question on how did their parents have a heart to abandon their children in such institution? The place is nice and well organized, but still, the question haunts me. The children are unhappy for being institutionalized, because they know that they still can live with their parents. Many of them are asking about their parents, their family, their origins… Some of them are really have no one of their family left in this world.

The orphanage manager often introduce foster parents to those children who never met their family for their entire lives. It is made to help the children feel at home when school holiday comes and help them to understand how does it feel to be ‘at home’. I know how hard it is for the manager to manage such a thing for the children, but still the question of their origins remain unanswered…

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