What I’ve Seen from A Long Queue

Last weekend, I went to a super sale from Planet Surf, a place which sell brands like, Spyderbilt, Juice, Insight and Billabong. The sale was up to 80% and the when I came, the place was so crowded. The moment of choosing items was fine, I got one backpack and a black short. My aunt and my sister-in-law also found some good items in the place. The real fight had just begun when we had to queue on the cashier line! It took me an hour to the ‘finish line’ …

But during those boring moment, I started to look around me, as I usually do wherever I go. I saw a couple who end up fighting because after waiting for a while, the boy wanted to cancel the items that they were going to buy. When they already stepped out, the biy changed his mind once again, said that they should be still in the line. The girl got agitated by his behaviors, to keep on changing his decision. After all, the girl alone was back in the line, while the boy was waiting near the exit door. Thanks to the people in the line, for they gave their previos space to the girl.

There were 2 hot couples, one on my right and one on my left. Both of them were doing the same things, expressing their romantic relationships in front of public. One girl on my left keep on touching her boyfriend’s cheek, as if anticipated him not to turn his face around. She play with his hair, touching his cheek and nose. She looked around as if inspecting if others were looking at her. The other couple on my right was also doing the same thing. The girl was holding on her boyfriend’s hands all the time. When the boy had to fix his glasses, she couldn’t wait until she got his hand back again.

A Couple
A Couple

The cashier of my line was a tall young man, with blond hair (all of the crew were blond!!! even though they’re Indonesian) and big smile. A smile too big until he forgot that he had 20 people waiting on his line. He asked questions, smile and acted on his best behaviors. For me, he slowed the process big times…

One common view throughout the 5 lines of queue was people with their mobile phones, except me, because I left it in my aunt’s bag.

I think I’ve seen so many things in just 1 hour in line. There were many other things happened at that time, but those 4 events were the most attractive ones for me.

Need to train my eyes to be sharper…

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