SEX : Taboo or Not?

Last week was a week full of discussion regarding sex with my classmates (noted: all were clinicians). We were discussing things that came from our experiences, point of view and our hopes. One friends said that he wants to have a good sex for the rest of his life. He doesn’t want to be limited by age. Another friend shares her story of almost being raped by her what-so-called boyfriend. The harder she refused, the harder the man asked!


In most Asian countries, talking about sex is something taboo, even for these days. People are not supposed to talk about sex openly. Students or young people usually get the right information from school, but rarely they get it from their parents. Whenever a child ask about sex, parents usually drifted the conversation or simply say that we are not supposed to talk about that. This wrong belief will bring children into a wrong concept regarding sex. They will think that sex is something not to talk about openly, but they can do it secretly. If you can count the numbers of teenage pregnancies, you will be surprised. Even in Indonesia, the what-so-called religious country, the number of free sex is not lower compare to western countries.

One colleague told me that it is better to have sex education for young students, so they will understand about having safe sex relationship, instead of sneaking through their parents door. I am not supporting the free sex style or pre-marriage sex, but all I am saying is the need to increase quality of our sex education at schools and among young people. Giving them knowledge of the danger of having sex is important, but it is also important to tell them on how to have safe sex. The least benefit is they will not get pregnant before they are ready.


You may read this article with cynism. But I’m telling the truth. Sex is no longer a taboo topic to talk about. Other people can prepare themselves not to have sex before they get married, if parents/significant others are willing to share openly regarding that topic.

One thought on “SEX : Taboo or Not?

  1. As a very shy guy with limited knowledge about Sex, I gotta agree with you (could you believe that???)

    Should we wait to be married first then have sex? YES, dedicate the “first time” for your exact partner. But, sometimes it’s not about the “virginity”

    In this unpredictable world, I believe it’s useful to be ready with sex and if you do it (incidentally or purposefully), do it with safe. Learn how to use condom, dahling…..

    Yea know, at first, sex is a very common practice in most culture. Even church at early stages didn’t rule out the marriage and the sex thingy. It was separated matters.

    So what’s bothering you with sex? Sex is GREAT. Do it before you die… Do it before the world ended….

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