A Need to be Famous

hsc0750lFor some people, a need to be famous is very important. A need to be famous is also known as a need to be the centre of attention. The forms may vary in many ways, from small actions into big and weird actions; from classroom setting into movie theme. Let me make it easier for you imagine by giving you some examples…

One graduate student is trying hard to always look good in front of others. He shows it in a way of wearing a neatly ironed shirt and matches the color of the pants and the shoes. He always sits in front of the classroom, nodding his head each and every then. He also puts a smile in his face all the time. He sits super nicely (he should go for The Duke show!). Almost in every class, his phone rings. But the weird thing is the phone only rings once! And it goes like that every day …

In one episode of CSI: Las Vegas season 8, one killer killed 6 people from different ages, occupations and races. He killed his victims by positioned them in certain way. He tied them up like string dolls and freeze them up by putting them in a concealed room with certain gas (I forgot the name of the substance). When the killer was captured and interviewed, he said that he wanted to be remembered! He used to be forgotten and sat on the last row in everything. By killing people inimitably, he wanted to make sure that he would be remembered for a long time. He got it …


A middle-age woman, around early 60s, wore a tight shirt and pants with lion patterns on it. She walked together with her husband in a food court of a big mall. But let me put it correctly; her husband was walking behind her, so they did not really walk together. She brought a bag with medium size, and she did not put the bag on her shoulder, instead she put the bag on her palm. Imagine when you see a waiter brings plate on his open palm, that was how she brought her bag. She won the attention of passers-by …

Or, a young man who has muscle body and good-looking face. He is tall and very talented in giving speech. He is also the leader in one Catholic cell group. He looks wise and knows a lot about religion. But he is well-known as a playboy. He could end up having a relationship with a new member of his cell group and also having an intimate contact with another girl outside the city. He got all the attention he wants from girls. They praise him (not HIM in capital) and want to get closer to him. This young man is trying hard to attract as much girls as he could, just to show to them how charming he is …

So, after reading my real-life examples, what will you say about a need to be famous? I’m thinking if we can measure how big that need inside of me and anyone else. Maybe it can be done someday!

Do you have an urgent need to be famous?

-Share your thoughts with me!-

2 thoughts on “A Need to be Famous

  1. As an ex (again, EX) lecturer, I have (and have to have) the need to be famous…. but I always look at it as a two sided life.
    You can enjoy that fame and being highlighted but on the other hand, you lost a lot of thing such as privacy.

    I learn a lot from Mother Theresa (God bless her soul) that humbleness, silent, and keep in prayer are great options to be our way of life….

  2. hehe…

    ngena banget kayaknya contohnya.

    jadi kuatir, kira2 aku termasuk gak ya???

    gimana kalo tar bahas tentang ke-gaul-an anak muda zaman sekarang dengan mengikuti sinetron hareem dan muslimah?? hahaha

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