Sharing: A Way to Reduce Your Stress

Open your dictionary and search for the meaning of ‘sharing‘. It is about distribute your thoughts and feeling to others, so you will feel the equal feeling or having equal thoughts. Does it sound like mathematic? Maybe it is. Sharing is usually interpret as giving away your secret to others. Sharing is also thought to be some activities of opening up ourselves in public. Well, it is not …

kids_sharingSharing is a positive way to reduce your stress level. Sharing can be light conversations through chatting media, face-to-face meeting or just writing down in your blog. There are many ways of sharing, you just need to choose the most comfortable way for you.

By sharing your problems (after filtering out unecessary things to be known in pucblic) you can have alternative on how to solve your problems. Different point of view will help you to be more objective and drift you away from your selfish point of view.

conversationSharing is also a way of giving lessons to other people as well. They can learn from your problems and understand your dilemma. They can be prepared in the future and your lesson will save your loved ones from the same mistake or danger.

So, are you willing to share now?

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