A Season of Terror (2) : Albino Killing

The news of Albino killing in Tanzania, Africa a few days back had bothered me so bad. For me, such action is not rational and based on wrong belief. Well, like any other kinds of terror, everything is based on wrong belief. In this case, many people believed that Albinos have magical power to make people rich. This reason was the cause of albinos killing. The number was high, for 26 Tanzanian albinos were killed in less than a year.

Albino boy in Africa
Albino boy in Africa

To make the story worse, the killed albinos were mutilated and their body parts were sold into whoever want to buy. Because, as the witch doctor said, albinos have their magical power. The missing point in this case is misunderstanding hold by those people who don’t know anything about albino. They do not know that albino is impairment in skin pigmentation. They usually have sight problems and will die because of skin cancer before they get into 30 years of age.

The government and police officers are doing their best to protect the remained albinos. They send albinos children to school and even have a woman stand in parliament. Still, this tragedy needs a lot more attention from many sides. The last update is the killing of albinos is still going on and started to expand to other African countries.

We really are in a season of terror. We should move and speak up to help a bit in this situation. It can be an educational program for common people about albinos: who they are, what is albino and how to live with them. Common people may lack of educational background, therefore they are easily triggered by whatever the witch doctor says to them.

What can we do for them?

4 thoughts on “A Season of Terror (2) : Albino Killing

  1. i hate the idea of albinos being killed for body parts i mean they are the same as us just with a condition that makes them be a differant color so just leave them alone just because of their condition they arent cursed or spiriturl there normal !!!

    1. It’s disturbing that innocent people are being brutally murdered more and more frequently by incompassionate and greedy people over a matter of ignorance.

  2. It’s disgusting that innocent children, and adults are being brutally murdered more and more frequwntly by incompassionate and greedy people over a matter of ignorance.

  3. That’s terrible and cruel! They still have a right to live exactly like this! People should be as active as they can around the world to protect these people!

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