After the Wedding

Yay! Finally, the wedding day of Rheza and Puspa was over. The day that have been waiting by the couple and us: family, friends and supporters!

Couple, bridesmaids and groom men
Couple, bridesmaids and groom men

I have to admit that I’m skeptical with what so-called happy wedding. Weird but true. I’ve seen many happy marriages, name it my parents’ marriage. They have been together for almost 30 years and they still tease each other. My mom always makes coffee for my Dad every morning. She prepared the bread while my Dad gets busy with his newspapers. Then the days will go on…

When I see the long and winding road that have been through by Rheza and Puspa, I feel reminded to open my heart and eyes to see the world in such a different way. I know that this world is full of love and we share it everyday with many people around us. I even practice that love-approach with those around me, with old or new people. But, when it comes into personal relationship, I’d rather back off.

The wedding dance
The wedding dance

I define relationship as a place where two people are fighting over tiny and unimportant stuff. When I said that last Friday, during make up re-touch, Rheza touched my hand and said, ‘Naughty’. I was laughing out loud and kept on throwing the joke to others. But then, I think through it. And I ‘think’ relationship is more than that. Rheza and Puspa have been through hard times in their early years of relationship and they still have to control their boat of love for the rest of their lives. They had the vow and they have to enjoy it … through good and bad times.

Hopefully the vow they took is an everlasting vow. It will able to go through good and bad times await in front of them (and many other couples).

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