The Gosselins

It is my new interest! The Gosselins … also well-known as ‘Jon and Kate plus eight’

Well, twinship is not a new thing for me. I have identical twin brothers and my Bachelor theses was also about the dependency on twins in their adolescence years. I have heard about this family a few years ago, but lately it really is caught my attention. Sometimes I watch the show at TLC.

I just want to upload some pictures that show the amazement of having 8 children! Well, not to mention the mess though…

As a cover of Good Housekeeping magazine

I watched the process of two-day shooting for Good Housekeeping article. The first day was the shoots for inside story at their house. Then the second day was the shoots for the cover. After a long while of calming down one girl, and another girl, and then another girl … the photo shoots were done. Thanks to one crew who came with puppets and created a funny story to attract the attention of the children.

Look at the magic baby's cart

It is a blessing, for sure – if you can see it that way.

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