Life of A Snail

Last night, when I had parked my car in my boarding parking lot, I realized that my front tire almost crushed on a snail. The little snail was a few inch away from my car. This morning, when I turned on the car engine, I stepped on it! The beautiful tiny creature turned into melted meat with liquid within second! Oh, what a life…

As human being, we sometimes forget how precious our lives. We tend to see our own lives as nothing and we can’t find anything to be thankful to God. We forget that our breath is unaccountable blessings from God. Well, sometimes the big stuff steal our attention and we set aside the small miracles happening in our lives.

Sometimes, when we are having an intention, a big one, to pursue our dreams, we allow ourselves to do whatever it takes… including step our feet on to others. For example, a husband who wants to have an affair with another lady, may step his steps on his wife and children and forget about his responsibility as a husband and a father. By stepping his feet onto his wife and children, he crushes their lives within seconds. He may forgets that he just ended a living dream from his wife and children, of having a happy family together.

Or a story that I heard from the orphanage … about a mother who left her 3 sons away. Those 3 boys have to live in the orphanage because their father can’t take care of them at one time. He has to look for a job, a place of living and supporting his sons. The youngest boy now is living with his father, but the other two boys must wait until their father are ready to take them back altogether. I would say that their mother had no heart at all, by leaving the three boys just like that … but I have no right on judging others. I’m just praying that may God bless the boys and their father abundantly.

Anyway, life is full of good things … if we see it that way! A cheating husband may never finds his happiness, because he just throw his true happiness away… and a neglectful mother may never finds her happiness again, for she just left 3 sets of happiness as nothing.

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