It’s the link for my students. Welcome, students!

PsychologyPictureYou may download the slides for each week presentation. I’ll see you in the class!

Widya Mandala Catholic University

Stress Management 

Unit 1 – Understanding Stress

Unit 2 – Research and Phenomenon on Stress

Unit 3 – Stress Coping


Introduction of Neuropsychology


Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

Developmental Neuropsychology

Personality, Mood and Behavior Changes

Behavioral Neuropsychology

Well-Being Psychology

Unit 1 – Well Being

Unit 2 – Positive Psychology

Unit 3- Subjective Well-Being

Unit 4 – Subjective Well-Being (2)

Unit 5 – Love and Well-Being

Unit 6 – Wellness, Health Psychology and Positive Coping

Unit 7 – Positive Mental Health

Unit 8 – Interventions for enhanced Well-Being

Feedback on Case Profiling

Final Assignments

Form Mengenali ROWS

Format Laporan Tugas Akhir Psikologi Well

Learning Disabilities

Unit 1 – Intro to Learning Disabilities

Unit 2 – Parents and Families

Unit 3 – Language Disabilities

Unit 4 – Reading Disabilities

Unit 5 – Writing Disabilities

Unit 6 – Mathematics Disabilities

Unit 7 – Movie: The Blind Side

Unit 8 – Transition Programming in Adolescence and Adulthood

Special Needs

Important Note: For class 2013, the handout is new. Please get your hardcopy on our first meeting on Aug 14, 2013.


Unit 1 – Introduction on Special Needs

Unit 2 – Low Vision and Blindness

Unit 3 – Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Unit 4 – Speech or Language Impairments

Unit 5 – Intellectual Disabilities

Unit 6 – Movie: The Bone Collector

Unit 7 – Giftedness and Talents

Unit 8 – ADHD

Unit 9 – Autism

Unit 10 – Individualized Education Programs (IEP)

Nursing Academy Malang

Week 1 What is Psychology (1)

Week 2 Biopsikologi (2) Sensasi dan Persepsi (2b)

Week 3 Cognition (3a) Consciousness (3b) Memory (3c)

Week 4 Learning (4a) Intelligence (4b)

Week 5 Perkembangan Fisik dan Kognitif

Week 6 Perkembangan Sosial dan Emosional

Week 7 – Movie: Miracle Worker

Week 8 Motivasi dan Pembentukan Sikap

Week 9 Emotional Behaviors, Stress and Health

Week 10& 11 Kepribadian

Week 12 Social Psychology

Week 13 Abnormal Behavior


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  1. sore bu Cicil……….
    oya Bu, saya mau tanya. Materi minggu ke 5&6 bukanya pake apa? soalnya di belakangx ada ppt. trus saya buka pake powerpoint (seperti biasa), ko ga bisa?
    thx b4…. 🙂

  2. sore Bu cicil……..
    Oya Bu, saya mo tanya. untuk materi 5&6, saya sudah download, tapi filex dalam bentuk pptx & ga bisa di buka. Cara bukanya bagaimana ya Bu??
    thx B4……:)

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