Sixteen and Pregnant

16 and pregnant is a show in MTv that tells about the fight and the hardship of being a mom, while you yourself is only a kid. The show is now hitting the second season, but the problems are not getting easier or less complicated. The scenes of teens taking care of their own babies … Continue reading Sixteen and Pregnant

Story of 13-year-old Dad

Being a father is a huge responsibility. Not just in a way that father has to take care of the whole family, but also the demand of having emotional stability and ability to make decision. I bumped into this headline in Yahoo! about a 13-year-old Dad in England, called Alfie Patten. He had one night … Continue reading Story of 13-year-old Dad

Jawa Pos Deteksi-Con 2K8 (3): Mob Movement

Everyday in our AEC booth, we can see the students presenting their schools in variety of ways. They dressed up, wearing unique costumes or making noises throughout the hallway. This action known as Mob Movement. It is a movement organized by numbers of people to do something in order to gain their goals and it … Continue reading Jawa Pos Deteksi-Con 2K8 (3): Mob Movement

Report from Jawa Pos Deteksi-Con 2K8 (1)

Here in Surabaya, JawaPos Deteksi-Con is a big name for young people who want to express their ability and creativity in journalistic. There were hundreds of students who came and visited Surabaya Supermall Convention Centre (SSCC) daily. I had my shift on Saturday and Sunday evening. I had a great time watching those bunches of … Continue reading Report from Jawa Pos Deteksi-Con 2K8 (1)