Altering Mental Block

In my line of work, I have the privilege to meet a lot of people - listen to their stories and mapping their cognitive functions. By doing so, the process of psychotherapy will serve as the basis for my clients in understanding their way of thinking, distorted belief or simply to know that they have … Continue reading Altering Mental Block

“I am a Psychologist”. Sorry, what?

Yes, I am a psychologist. It is interesting to notice the first impression of others when they ask me about my job. Mostly they will ask, "Don't you feel stressed out listening to others in daily basis?" Or "What kind of problems that people share with you?". Even though I'm working in a big city … Continue reading “I am a Psychologist”. Sorry, what?

Doing Ethics Final Examination

Headaches, nausea and dizzyness are very common among us, graduate students who are having examinations. Yes, we are struggling to finish the exams well. This semester we have 7 subjects (do not compare the Indonesian education systems with any Western countries system), i.e.: ethics, research methodologies (qualitative and quantitative), statistics, self-development, psychological assessment and philosophy … Continue reading Doing Ethics Final Examination

I Gave Pat on My Shoulder

Edwin is my classmate and he's the writer of this comment. I thought he was exaggerating at first... but I have to admit that I was smiling at myself and patted my shoulder (honestly). The great person to be Halo, cuma mampir sebentar pengen promosi blog temenku yang kerennnnn banget: Silakan diklik dan selamat … Continue reading I Gave Pat on My Shoulder