Peeking Out to The World from My Bed

So, these past two days were awful. It was started on Monday (8/6) when my right eye got infection and it made me went to the eye hospital at 9pm! Then yesterday, all I did was laying on bed and most of the time, closing my eyes. It was hard to open my eyes and got out of my bed. I stayed at my boarding house and decided not to come home, because my sickness was contagious.

While I was in my bed, my thought was wandering around. Mostly, I was thinking about my family, what they did and how they were passing the day. Then, I also thought about my friends, those who had troubles and facing their giants at the moments. I also got many phone calls and sms. Some of them asked about my condition, some were calling to have simple chat, one of them talked about our internship and one phone call gave me a job in Australian fair next August. I guess being a lazy bump for a day did not make me unproductive (my self-defense). I also got food delivery from my Aunty. She always concerns about other people! Thanks to you …

My cousin called me yesterday and she talked about the moving world around us. How my old friend finally signed up on facebook and started to have chat around. She used to be my best friend and we had our time together. We were like triplets (with another girl) because nothing would separate us, what so ever. But then, she decided to get married with a stranger and left her hometown after meeting that guy for 3 months. Now, she is living in another island and never contacted me. I knew that she went home a few weeks ago, for she had photo studio shoots at my best friend’s studio. But she did not contact me at all, even though she was in town for almost 10 days. Well, I guess the world changed a lot since her wedding day. Now, she’s on Facebook, maybe I could ‘peek’ into her life and say Hello every now and then.

Another story came from my classmate. She wants to get married at her young age and she is going to have that dream comes true. We are all happy to hear this good news and at the same time, worry. We are not worrying about her capacity to be a good housewife, but my friend and I were worry about her condition. What she will be after she’s getting married. Well, maybe my friend and I were worrying too much on her. Or maybe my friend and I had previous experiences that drive us to who we are at the moments… But all I know, concern about other people, especially those who are close to you, is a good thing. As long as you don’t fit your shoes to their feet.

Anyway, this is all about my story of peeking out to the world from my bed. The world has changed a lot, in which we can keep in touch with the world, without a need to wake up from our bed.

Virtual Community

If you do survey among young people nowadays, you will know that most of them are part of the virtual community. From Facebook to blogging. From chatting to playing online games. Many gadgets are created to make these community works properly.

I’m sitting in a food court at a mall (I become a mall-goer lately). I’m looking around and I see many people are using their blackberry, laptop or mobile phone to update their status on facebook, writing on their blog or chatting. How do I know? Because I am one of them and they seem busy typing up (from my observation).

From my table

From my table

Some say that joining in Facebook is a way of proving oneself that he/she is existing in the middle of the crowd. Even though is just a virtual community, it can connects many people from many different places at one time. We can update each other within seconds. Through facebook, we can find the long lost friends or childhood neighbors who had move to France … still, within second.

But for some other people, facebook is a perfect place to sell our privacy. By putting on the photos, updating our status every now and then or leaving comments at someone else’s account, we really sell our private life. Many of my friends refuse to have facebook accounts or even deleting their accounts. Well, everything is a choice… without having facebook accounts, you still have thousand opportunities to make friends.

Chatting through messenger is another story. Phone calls and sms are blended together in this activity. I found chatting is useful to me. I can share my stories with my friends in other countries and I don’t need to lose contact with them. The messenger providers also support the chatters with new applications, such as sending photos instantly, share files and make ‘phone calls’. It is really easy to be connected nowadays…


Blogging is also a daily need for many people nowadays. I am one of them. I made my blog to be connected with many people who have the same passions with me in psychology. I love to observe people – how they behave, how they fix up things, how they express their emotional state… But remember, I am an observer not a stalker! Psychology helps me a lot in directing my thoughts or other people’s when they share their thoughts to me. I can find the main theme in their long stories and extract the conclusion. I’m not saying that I am a good listener, but I’m doing all that I can. So, yeah … back to the topic, blogging is my way to express my thoughts and knowledge in psychology and also a place to discuss any topics in psychology.

For me personally, being an active member of any virtual community will have benefits of we can use them properly and for a positive purpose. But, it may harm you too. You will enjoy the fastness and the practical way of having virtual relationships with others and you forget on how to build a good relationship in person.

It’s just a reflection from me.