Drama in The Morning

I hate drama movie, novel with drama or anything related to drama. Do not mention Korean drama to me, I won’t have appetite to even hear what you say. Sarcastic?

As in drama, this morning I had an unusual morning routine. My head told me that I have to finish some paper works (exam papers, slide for my classes, reports) before I meet my client later on today. But somehow when I had my toast and tea ready for breakfast, I decided to watch the DVD of “The Fault in Our Stars”. Yes, what a dramatic start to my day.

At the end of the movie, I shed tears. I cried and turned on my laptop.

Before I got married, I asked my Mom on why people have to be with someone in life. My question was rooted from my fear of losing my loved ones. What’s the point of loving and living with someone whom we might lose in the next years? What’s the point of being hurt and left alone? My Mom said that we have to embrace the years of life – the togetherness, because that’s all we can do. Death is out of our hands. Drama it is … God’s plan, His drama.

The closing of that movie really gave me the answer, that the time of being together with the one we love is actually the moment that everyone should cherish, the moment to be grateful for. I learned this hard lesson when I lost my Grandma a few weeks ago. I learned to let it go, when God called her home. Yes, she is home. It was hard on me, I cried a lot, but at the same time – I believe my Grandma felt my tears as tears of love and she could finally saw it from up above.

Enough for drama this morning, I need to get back to work. I guess, I can handle a little drama every now and then – but please, no Korean drama.

A Week of Grieving

Last weekend was full of sad stories. Two of my friends’ mothers were passed away because of cancer.

Wempy is one of my best-est friend since kindy days. We went to the same schools and been in the same classes until high school. Then we chose our own paths to go for, but the friendship stays. Last Saturday, his mother passed away. He had been prepared himself to be ready for the lost, because he knew that his mom wouldn’t be able to bear the pain any longer. Then that sad day came… He was so strong! I was the one who cried for him. He loved his mother very much and he was the one who took care of her. After the funeral, he said, ‘Now, I don’t have a mother anymore’. I was so touched and so sad. So, I looked at my mom, and told him and my mom is his mom too…

Cen, is another friend of mine. She is my friend’s wife. She lost her mom on Monday (last week) and the funeral was done on Sunday. She is the only daughter in the family and she was so close to her mom. I can’t imagine the lost that she felt … She was crying when I hugged her!


I learned a great lesson … love someone that you have now with all your heart, efforts and life! Before they gone forever. They could be your parents, partners, children, relatives, grandparents, friends, neighbors … and many more. Whenever you have time to spare with them, just do it. Never count those precious times with money or your work. Those moments are too precious to be paid with any money …

So, love your loved ones … since you still have the time in your hands!