September – October 2011 Wrap-Up

It’s been a while since my last post (I should be thinking twice if I want to call myself: blogger!). Anyway, this is the wrap-up of what I’ve been doing in the past months – September and October 2011. It was busy months, but surely I had a lot of fun.

September 24, 2011: Protect-A-Child Seminar

This was a part of seminars held by Protect-A-Child organization in Surabaya with its founder Paul and Debora Hamel. It was held with support from JJFm Surabaya and I was given the honour to be the guest speaker. My talk was about: Recognizing Challenging Behaviors in Children and How to Avoid them from being Abused. The article that I wrote was then published at Gloria Tabloid (2 editions: 3rd and 4th week of October).

Me, Paul dan Debora Hamel, and Richie Lim

September 24, 2011: Managing Stress

It was a small gathering for about 20 women at Darmaria, Surabaya. The intention of this gathering was to learn about how to manage stress in our daily life. It was my second time giving the speech at Darmaria and I was honoured to be part of them.

October 3 – 8, 2011: School of Children Counseling

It was an annual seminar with Rev. David Goodwin from Kidsreach Australia. The seminar was about how to deliver counseling process from children in crisis or trauma for 88 counselors from all over Indonesia and Malaysia (Sabah). This year I got the honour to be the interpreter for David Goodwin.

With David Goodwin and Lexy Pello

Before studio recording

October 11, 2011: Teacher Training at Mawar Sharon Christian School

It was an honour for me to be the guest speaker at teacher training at Mawar Sharon Christian School. The theme was about Recognizing Challenging Behaviors on Children and how teachers can help them during regular classroom process. The whole training went well and we learned a lot from the case studies at the school. Nice to work with you all, teachers!

The teachers as participants


Personal Lesson Learned from David Goodwin

This part is the latest update regarding my activity at Children Counseling seminar with David Goodwin. The whole sessions with 57 participants had finished last night (Friday, September 18, 2009), but my session with Mr Goodwin won’t be done until today. I just had a great moment with him, for I had to accompany him in his DVD recording sessions at YPPII studio. He will publish 16 packages of children counseling tools for parents, counselors and children pastors.

About 10am this morning, we arrived at the studio and started to get ready straight away. I had to help Mr Goodwin communicate with the cool crews, Enos and Nuri. They were a good team and they did their job whole-heartedly. During his recordings, I tried to my best to behave. I listened to his speech, as if I was the only student in his classes. He had a very good stamina, for he could record 5 sessions (each for 45-60 minutes) with only 1 hour lunch break between the 2nd and 3rd session. We finished the whole recording at 530pm.

David Goodwin (far right), the participants and me (far left)

David Goodwin (far right), the participants and me (far left)

I learned many lessons today:

  1. Mr Goodwin is a very humble person. He has been known internationally as a speaker and children counselor, but he still holds onto the simple value of respecting other people and never underestimates them.
  2. He is also a good teacher and lecturer. I could understand his method of teaching without any head-scratching on my side. He was able to deliver complicated issues in easier ways, without simplifying the essence.
  3. He loves to throw jokes. I just knew this particular habit this year, even though I’ve met him last year. He said that he loves to ‘fooling around’. This is another way to show his humbleness. I just love this guy.
  4. He is a good listener and counselor. This skills has been trained for the past 40 years! He has helped children and their parents, which can proved his ability to help other people.
David Goodwin demonstrated Kids Keep Safe programme

David Goodwin demonstrated Kids Keep Safe programme

I bought Bullying book and worksheets CD-ROM from his programme. He also gave me a great book on children ministry called The World Needs Children Ministry Leader, which tells about leadership in children ministry based on Moses. It is going to be a great journey of reading his books.

I will catch up again with him next year, for the continuation of this seminar. It will be heap!