With Blackberry in Hands

This is my 3rd day of using BlackBerry – Gemini type. Somehow, I feel weird knowing that this smartphone has been used as a ticket to be accepted in the society. I already had that thought in mind long ago, before finally someone gave it to me as a present (I couldn’t say no!).

What is it about having a BlackBerry?

For some people, it’s about following the latest trend of phone using. For other people, this gadget is beautiful in many ways, because it is a multi-tasks phone, chic and smart. It can helps business people to be mobile and get connected everywhere. It also helps community to share the latest updates through facebook, twitter or BlackBerry Messenger (I didn’t say gossip though!)

BlackBerry offers a reality that the need of existence is now having the answer. By being online 24/7, people may believe that they own the existence needed in hands to live this life. BlackBerry also offers the most unbelievable ways to express oneself. A person may update his/her status every 2 minutes! Honestly, I hate seeing my home screen whenever all I can see are the latest 10 updates of the same person.


Autism Community

This is the era when people are not getting mad when they are called as autistic, as long as they have their BlackBerry in hands. My cousin greeted me in a warm opening line in my BlackBerry messenger. He said, ‘Welcome to the autism community, sist!” I guess nowadays, being an autistic person due to BlackBerry using is a new and acceptable trend.

The Users

The users of BlackBerry are varied in ages, SES and occupations. You can see very busy businessman or a cranky-but-cute high school student with BlackBerry in their hands. The extreme case is when kindergarten or primary school students are using BlackBerry in their daily life. The most match example are my own students. They come from very rich family who can facilitate them with the latest BlackBerry model. One of the girls had lost her Bold due to her recklesness, because she left it at her English tutorial class! But her parents bought her another new one. Well, what can we say?


Well, as humans, we are smarter than any gadget ever invented. So, use your BlackBerry wisely and don’t be fooled by it!

Don’t Know How to Hit The Brake

I always fall in love with what-so-called hectic days. For me, being occupied is something good, so that I do not waste my time doing nothing. I could easily fall asleep when I have nothing to do, and surely my mind is wandering around when I am not occupied. I know how to speed up, but I don’t know how to hit the brake…

My friend told me that I am starting to lose my control over myself. I always ask more and more to myself and I set a higher standard for myself, every now and then. Theoretically, I am categorized as Type A Personality. It is a type of personality who always needs challenges and busy days. It looks good on me, until I read the research outcomes which said that type A has a higher risk for heart attacks! Well, that scared me out a bit…

I ask myself about what do I really want to achieve in this life. This is crucial, because for me, life is about making dreams come true and make my beloved ones happy. I want to achieve that. I have my dreams list and I have my family on my side, and I want them to be happy. I am doing my best to achieve all of my dreams. I know where I am heading and I am sure with my capability. Well, if my cell group friends read this post, they will blame me for being so self-centered and not so God-centered. I think I am a God-centered person, at least I am trying all the time. Even though I am so determined with my own plans, I still believe that He has the key plan upon me and I believe that God sees my hard work.

Anyway, getting back to the topic. Sometimes I have to admit that I forget to hit the brake. I keep on speeding up on my way to the dreams that I want to reach and I forget to look around. One thing about speeding up is, I can reach my destination a bit faster, but I lose all the opportunities to enjoy my surroundings. Sometimes I miss the moments of laughing out loud without meaning and spend the night at karaoke lounge. Now, for me, those activities are time consuming and it’s not my part to enjoy that during workdays. Correct me if I am wrong…

I think I should take a break for now. Retreat to a quieter place and learn on how to hit the break.

Good night, everyone!

Learning from My Niece

This is another post that inspired by my beloved niece, Ellicia. She is now 2 years and 3 months old. She has more than 100 vocabularies and able to answer why or how questions. Sometimes I am amazed by how fast she can learn new things at a time. She is having a great time learning from her surroundings. The latest development is when she becomes a teacher for her 2 barbie dolls.

She used my flash cards as a tool and ask her barbies about the picture. At one picture, she showed a picture of bird. She asked the barbie, ‘What is this?’, she answered, ‘Bird’ (=burung). Then she asked, ‘Apa Inggrisnya?’ (what is the English of burung?). She answered, ‘Sama yah’ (it’s the same!). I was laughing out loud on how she teach her barbies. It was great to see her learning so quick (see the video).

I used to teach her on how to name the things that she can see around her. Started by common things, such as: table, spoon, plate, or chair. Then I went to teach her with animals, such as: birds, doggie, cats or fly. And the list went on. Now, she can understand my questions or sentences that I ask her in  contexts. She might not understand the meaning of every word, but she understand what I ask her and how to answer to that question.

I am learning new things too, everytime I teach my niece new things. One of it is, how to keep on learning, despite how old my age is and how fast the time travels. I can understand the meaning of learning at all time, in every different situation and through every season. My niece always asks questions on what, how or why things happened. She also asks where to buy certain stuff, who buy that or how much is the price! She learns to asks certain questions depend on the situation or context. Awesome development, isn’t it!

She is now a fans of paper-and-pencil activities. She loves to scribble on her paper and then tell stories regarding that picture. Even though she couldn’t draw as much as the things look like, but she could pour out her thought on certain things. She is at the right stage of fine motor development, scribbling stage.

I will write more on her development…

The Meaning of Being Loved

During May, I’ve spent 3 weeks to be with the children at the orphanage. At first, I thought that their parents were heartless, they have no efforts whatsoever to take care of their own offsprings. They don’t even care if their children were alive or not. And I thought there was no better place for a child to grow, beside at their own home with their parents. But after 3 weeks with those children, I’ve changed my mind…

Im falling in love...

Im falling in love...

I found the real meaning of being loved! The children were loved by the nuns and the caregivers. They can have 3 times meal everyday, plus 2 times of snacks and fruits. They even drink milk twice a day, something that can’t get if they live with their parents.

Last Saturday, I spent 3 hours talking to the nun of my group. She told me about background of some children who need special attentions from the caregiver. Abused children, poor family, incest, learning dissabilities, and neglected children. Some of their parents do not care about them in some ways, they rarely visit their children, never pay for the school fee or living cost. The orphanage never charge the parents with certain amount of money and wishing that parents will pay as much as they could to support their own children. Half of the money given will go to the saving account which belongs to each child. The orphanage fully support the school fee, daily living cost and other expenses for the children. I found the new meaning of being loved … Those children are loved by their caregivers, put all of their past and cruelty behind.

Another lesson of giving love in this life…

‘Copy-Paste’ Psychologist

Writing reports on client’s assessments or intervention is something that a psychologist has to do, daily. For experienced psycholigists, making reports is piece of cake, but yet still need their full attention. For those who do not have much experiences on writing reports, like me, we still a whole lot of practices and practices. One thing I hate about ‘the great of computer technology’ is the ability to copy and paste anything! Let me share some experiences that had happened around me…

There was one lecturer in a place where I had my internship back on 2003, who copied and pasted report from someone else’s report. The previous report was made by her too. When I had to send the report to the company who referred the client, I noticed that the client’s name was not right. When I checked out, almost half of the report contained the wrong name. My colleague and I told the lecturer about that, and we found out that she just copy-paste the interpretation of assessments from her previous client. Well, I guess she thought that all of her clients were just the same…

There is a classmate of mine who also love to copy-paste someone else’s work. Last week, after the case presentation on the first day, he copied one paper who had been pasted to the classroom’s computer (all the presenters must paste their papers onto classroom’s computer to make it easier to prepare the presentation). We did not know at first, until he opened the wrong paper during his presentation. He was going to open his own paper from his flash disk, but then he clicked on someone else’s paper who had been copied to his flash disk. Well, if he did not fell ashamed of it, we did. Because for us, a psychologist must understand the ethics of respecting someone else’s work… I guess he did not grasp the meaning of respecting others.

I wonder to myself, what can I do when I see a classmate or lecturer doing such thing? A friend told me to report my classmate to Masters-Program Coordinator, but other friends told me not to. Personally, I don’t care of what other people doing, as long as they do not copy my works. But professionally, I feel it’s going to get worse if I do not warn my classmate. He just does not realized the potential harm that he may cause when he’s working as a psychologist one day later…

I will work with him during my internship… hope I can handle it well.

Clinicians Gone Mad

It was a dinner between our tight class schedules. So yeah, we arranged to have dinner at the closest place from our campus. We talked about the lessons, our past mid exams, but above all, we acted like crazy! I never imagined that graduate students would be like this… because they were all so nice and well-behave when I saw them for the first time. Today, I see no pieces left from those previous images… (oops!)

At first, it was a dinner

At first, it was a dinner

Clinical Students

Clinical Students

The moments when we were together was something valuable. We started to know each other quite well and started to share our hopes, dreams and life story. So, it’s not just a class full of people, but a class full of friends. I have a few close classmates and most of them come from clinical program. Well, I’m not being picky, it’s just happened. No offense, guys…

The Pretty Boys on their birthday

The Pretty Boys on their birthday

We love to tease each other and give surprises. Not always good things though, especially about the unfixed schedules on assignments and canceled classes. Well, read that as a coping behavior to enjoy our class. It’s like a surprise during Self Development class for Edwin (in yellow) and Afif (stripes) who had their birthday last month. The present was a quick idea that I’ve got during the holiday, just before the class started. They were so funny in their colorful headband, in front of the class.

We also try hard to have fun during those hard times in the class. Look this photo below. It was a quick plot made by Riris (in black) and Edwin (this time in Batik). They acted as if they got caught during sweeping for sexual worker and her pimp. Check them out by yourself and put your comments on.

A worker and her pimp

A worker and her pimp

What do you think?