Wild Mind

Have you experience the inability to control your mind? As if it has its own gas pedal and brake – and we just see everything in movie frame. Ability to think, analyze and reflect is one blessing for human being. But it also brings its own flaws. Our mind is the strongest sense among others … Continue reading Wild Mind

After A Long Journey

Hey everyone! I am back on track after being away for 4.5 months from this blog. I have been busy and happy managing my new project - and somehow losing my grip on this one. Guilty as charged. As I am being away, I learn a lot of things along the way. I learned that … Continue reading After A Long Journey

Psychoeducation: Trip to Hell or Understanding

As I lay myself to sleep, I turn on the radio and stumbled into a talk about sex. The speaker is called 'an expert' of sexual life (I missed the first part of introduction). This type of talk is one form psychoeducation, in which psychologists are responsible to educate society regarding certain topics. The objective … Continue reading Psychoeducation: Trip to Hell or Understanding