Who’s to Blame?

I know one family of 3 children and their parents. Two of the children were born sick, they were unable to form the enzymes needed for digestion. Therefore, their parents had to buy special milk, which cost them three fold of normal baby milk. It was a struggle for them, but their parents never asked … Continue reading Who’s to Blame?

Love Story with God

This post is not written by me, but by my anonymous friend. He wants to share his feeling regarding his love to God - and everything in between. ---- "This is our love story How I learn to love you We meet daily Sometimes at lunch time Or dinner time But most of the times … Continue reading Love Story with God

Forgiveness: An Available Option

During hard times, it seems impossible for us to see the possible outcomes and lessons in the future. We focus our attention to the most effective way of reducing the stress and manage the problems. During this time, other people in your life will play their parts - either as part of problem-solving, or they contribute … Continue reading Forgiveness: An Available Option