A Day at The Beach

On a Sand box

On a Sand box

During Summer Holiday on June, we went to a beach. Well, not a real beach but a pool of beach sand. Yeah, I arranged to bring 2 big packs of sand and put them in my plastic pool (I bought it for that day!). Some of my students never knew what is like to be at the beach. So, you can imagine how excited they were! They played with the sand using plastic tools and they could even collect their own shells to bring home.

Collecting Shells

Collecting Shells

At first, they chose to stand outside the pool. I did not know why, but I guess they were afraid to get dirty. Then I asked them to jump into the pool. They could wash their hands and feet after playing after all. They did it and – guess what – they did not want to come out from the pool. I believe when we bring children to the real experiences, they can learn more than what they get in the classroom. Even in this ‘fake’ beach. They still able to explore a lot of knowledge and information about beach and the lives around the sea. Don’t forget, children always ask around to satisfy their hunger of knowledge.

Walking Around
Playing Around

After having a fun session outdoor, now they have to do activities in the class. For younger children (morning session), they made a paper starfish. Children needed to sew according to the holes. This simple activity could help the children to master fine motor skills and prepare them to write better in school.

Starfish Activity

Starfish Activity

They also engaged in activity to make paper fish and tracing a picture of fish. A pattern of fish was prepared by teacher. Then, children need to complete the parts of fish by pasting them to the pattern, such as: eyes, mouth, scales and tail. These two activities were designed to make it easier to explain about the body part of fish to the children.

Making Fish

Making Fish



It’s the end of the day… Time to go home!

Buddy Day

St Vincent de Paul

Being away from my family was an experience for me. I learned how to solve my problems, I learned how to manage my own life and I learned how to respect others. It was a year full of excitement and enthusiasm when I studied in Australia, back in 2004. I was one of the volunteers who joined the Catholic organization called Vincent de Paul, a well-known social organization that provides some activities to support the unfortunate children and their family. One of the activities in which I helped was called Buddy Day.

It was a sunny day on November 2004. At 9 am, we gathered in front of the Alexander Library building to meet up with our little buddies. There were 15 of us –the adults- and 8 buddies. Their age range from 5 to 12 years old and they lived around the city of Perth, Western Australia. The adults came from different backgrounds: 4 Singaporeans, 3 Malaysian, 7 Australian and me – the only Indonesian who joined the team. That difference turned out to be something interesting. We had that special moment where each of us could laugh because being together with so many different people from different culture was something good.

alexander library

There was a boy named Josh. Instead of calling his name correctly, I pronounced his name as if I was going to call ‘George’. He kept telling me that I did it wrong, but every time I tried, I still spelled it in a wrong way. Then he said it out loud, ‘She can’t say my name’ and the second after, he hid behind his older brother with a grin in his face. I could not help myself not to laugh and then my Singaporean friend helped me on how to pronounce his name correctly. He was not mad at me even though he was startled (or maybe confused) with the difference that we had in a matter of pronouncing his name.

After waiting for a few buses – they were all full- , we decided to walk to Cinema City. We were going to watch Shark Tale. On the way there, we talked about our holiday, hobbies and families. They were good models of people who were being true to their heart, being honest and live their lives with excitement. We made a long people-train and end up in the cinema hall played Cat and Mouse. It was hilarious to see their happy faces, to hear their laugh and to be with them.

Cinema City Perth

My buddy was a little girl with blonde hair. She came from an unfortunate family with 6 siblings. On that day, she wore a filthy pink dress and a pink baseball cap. She said it used to be her sisters’. Her face made her appearance meant nothing to me. She held my hands every time we saw a funny scene in the movie, as if she needed an assurance that I would laugh with her. Sometimes she whispered in my ear about certain scenes. She looked like a little angel for me.

That day was over when we had sandwiches as our lunch together in front of Western Australia Museum. They ran around and played with us until their parents came to pick them up. That day was over, but the meaning of being together with them was not.

… on a one fine day… 29 January 2005

My Miracle

Carmelites – Batu

March 3, 2007 – 0647 pm

People always imagine that miraculous events happen when surprises are real. People often describe miracle as the great of all – sick people healed, blind man can see, the death resurrection. But is that all? Are we blinded by all those fantastic stuff and simply forget all the simple things?

I found my miracle just now – when I made a glass of coffee in the middle of this cold monastery. I always used a clear glass to make coffee instead of a cup, so I can see clearly the color of my coffee and feel the heat in my hands. When I held my glass, I can feel the heat in my hands and then my whole body can feel the nice heat too – through my veins. For seconds I knew that I just found my miracle. I believe that even a small – tiny – unnoticed event was made by God to help us to realize how rich is our life and the world around us!

Do you think I’m silly? You may think that way.

Imagine yourself being alone in a quiet monastery (trying to find out who you really are), struck by the wind (seems like winter in a tropical country) and trying to calm your soul … how good it feels to have a glass of coffee in your hands and suddenly it warms you up!

Be thankful for this miracle, because I am!

I believe I just found my miracle.

0659 pm

-Going for my last dinner here, I’m going home tomorrow-