What a 3-year-old Girl Can Think of

Regarding myself as a proud Aunt, I would like to share numbers of conversation between my niece, Ellicia, a smart and critical 3-year-old with the adults around her. Night Prayer Every night Ellice would close her day by saying grace with her mom. At first her mom say the grace in Indonesia and she followed … Continue reading What a 3-year-old Girl Can Think of

King’s Speech – When Stuttering is Psychological

It didn't surprise me when Colin Firth won the 83rd Academy Award as the Best Actor for his character as King George VI in "King's Speech". He gave his best in the movie - the expression of being a failure could be read aloud and clear on his character. According to DSM-IV-TR, Stuttering is one … Continue reading King’s Speech – When Stuttering is Psychological

The Soloist – From My Perspective

One of my student in University (Widya Mandala Catholic University, Surabaya, Indonesia) suggested me to watch a movie, The Soloist. He said that the movie would be a benefit for our discussion in Social Intervention class. So, I gave myself a try. He was right. The Soloist is a story about a homeless man, named … Continue reading The Soloist – From My Perspective

A Lesson From Paper Shredder

Today I spent my time by working. Not the office or clinical work, but my casual work. I have a part-time job at BRIDGE office, which facilitate Sister School Program between Australia and Indonesia. I've been working there for almost 5 years (since AEC office). BRIDGE is a project funded by Australian Government, and therefore … Continue reading A Lesson From Paper Shredder