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I am currently undertaking a PhD program in Education at QUT – Brisbane, Australia. My research topic is on how parental mobile device use influence the quality of parent-child interaction. This topic came from my own experience as a mother of two and as a professional clinical psychologist – where I could experience how easily I got tempted to use my device while I am with my children!

I will use my blog as a platform to share my thoughts, my research progress and all the related topic.

Below is the ‘About Me’ section that I wrote when I started this blog about 11 years ago.

Brisbane – 24 September 2019.

Since I was 13 years old, I knew that I would be a psychologist. But back then what I knew about psychology was ‘a person who’s working as a garbage bin, in which she has to listen other people’s problems or stories’.

Now, I am a Clinical Psychologist who just gained my Masters Degree last August 2010. And still, I have that passion toward psychology alive within me.

At first, I segmented myself with any children issues. My Bachelor degree thesis was about dependency pattern in twins. The idea came as a result of my observation to my twin brothers. They had their own language, they laughed at something that we could not understand, they fought against each other and took only a few seconds to make it up all over. They were so unique and have that special bond.Twinship is not merely an innate quality, because it can be deepened or loosened by parenting style that they get. Parenting style has an important impact on how their twins can grow up independently or being dependent to his/her twin.

Then, I worked a lot with children and their parents, especially in educational field. I met numbers of parents with their own wishes and put those wishes onto their children – which create a new generation of stressed children. In this working field, once again, I saw another way of how parents can create deep impacts onto the future of their children.

Finally, for my Masters thesis, I wrote about implementing Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) modules for psychotic individuals. The process of implementing CBT onto my subjects was a process of learning.I learned that one important factor that affected my clients were the parenting style or the way parents manage the family. I also found a new love of mine, doing CBT for therapy.

Nevertheless, I’m willing to share thoughts about many other things too. Any updates and current stories will be accepted.

Best Regards,


Meet me online:

St. Vincentius a Paulo Hospital (link)

Darmaria (link)

Protect-A-Child (testimonial)

Recent Career

Psychologist at Premier Hospital, Ramsay Health Care, Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia

Psychologist at Psychological Clinic – Widya Mandala Catholic University, Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia

Lecturer at Widya Mandala Catholic University, Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia

Lecturer at Panti Waluya Nursing Academy, Malang, East Java – Indonesia

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hai Cecille, salam kenal..
    Trims udah mampir ke blog ku, kalo dah ke sby kontak2 aku ya 🙂

    *sorry I give comment in Bahasa*

  2. Oalah rek mbulet ae ternyata. CICIL(AN) ayo kapan ketemuan! Dah lama niy ga ngobrol2 yukz minggu depan ta di the library Gramed Expo? Let me know sis!

  3. wahh…CC imut!! keren punya blog sendiri, kpn2 ajari aku ya, biar ak bs promosiin diri utk maju pilkada nanti

  4. ibu … minta tolong jadi pembicaranya KSK dunk …
    minta tolong kasi pembekalan ke mahasiswa tentang anak berkebutuhan khusu.
    minta no nya ibu dunk …
    thx ya, Bu.

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