Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Society teaches us to behave in certain ways – the way we dress up on every new fashion year, the place we hang out, the food we put on Instagram and alot more. There’s no written rules in the society, but it is there for us to observe and adjust – as they hope so.

Some people are so proud to be called the socialite, with their brand new bags and high end shoes, with the latest stories of their holiday abroad and the luxurious 5-star accommodation. You know, they are so obvious to be seen by others. They are everywhere.

What about the rest who are not socialite? We still own the rights to live our own ways and define ourselves differently. Not to be different than others, but to be comfortable with yourself. People may throw you with critics on how you dress up or how you should laugh properly, but put the filter on. You don’t have to listen and adapt everything that others throw at you. One day, you will end up regretting the lost self of you.

Comparing yourself to others will never do you good – unless you see the competition as a way to achieve or perform higher. But endless comparison will only drive you to the end of living your life, because then, you would want to live someone else’s life.

It is hard to avoid the temptations of the society, but it is even harder to lose yourself in the midst of the society. Be yourself. Be you. And be proud of what you can do, of your achievement, of your dreams and how you can work to make your dreams come true. Be proud of how God created you perfectly.

Have a good day!

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