Avoid the Inevitable?

Is it possible to avoid the inevitable? That’s one question that most of us will answer with a certain No. That’s why the events are called inevitable. The day we born and (upcoming) death are the inevitable for each of us, including all the process in between the two final points.

Scott Peck wrote about problems that we face in our life. He said that problems will never go away on themselves, they will never fixed themselves. As much as we hope that all of our troubles may leave us at peace, it will never happen. When we avoid one problem, it will come back in full force and sometimes, in a different form.

Problems in life are inevitable. We can’t choose not to have problems, but we can choose on how to face the problems. Some can be avoided – somehow, by a good preparation. But not all can be avoided, no matter how hard we try. The only choice is to face them.

I tend to prepare in advanced, because I’m afraid of losing everything in the process. But many times I take it for granted, in which I use the ‘advanced preparation’ as a way to over worried on the upcoming events. I try to avoid the inevitable. And that leads me to frustration and regrets. 

On the other hand, my mother is the master of acceptance and going-with-the-flow kind of person. She always told me to let life goes as it should go and face the problems as they come. There’s no point on avoiding it, because those problems are the inevitable of life.

I guess I shall try to learn from my mother. And I need a lot of prayers.

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