The Outcast

Have you heard that in every family there’s one or two who act ‘differently’, or being the outcast in the family? I’ve heard that a lot and for some times I’ve been thinking to myself, why.

This morning as I took my breakfast, I got the answer. Every family owns the privilege to live together with the ‘outcast’, ‘culprit’, or the ‘unlovable’ for a reason that’s hard to understand. They are there because God wants the rest of the family to be shaped. To appreciate them as who they are, to trust God’s help and work in our family, to be able to let go and to see their process in ‘the eyes of grace, not perfection’ (got this quote from Instagram earlier today).

Through all the problems, family can express their love toward each other, and also the hatred. But the bond as a family is undeniable. As a sister, I couldn’t get rid of my brothers as much as I dislike their behaviors. As a sister, I couldn’t control them and lead them to where I want them to be. I can only pray for them. And so are you with your family members.

To be able to conclude, it took me several years of denial and let myself be frustrated with the process. But since last night, I decided to let go all the process. The decision to be a better person is not mine to take. It is theirs to take. And all I can do is standing behind them and support them when they need one. I shall not shape them to be perfect, because God wants me to wear the goggle of Grace, not perfection.

It is going to be a long road to take. But this time I’m willing to take the road.

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