With The Eyes of Faith

As a human being, I tend to see by sight and not by faith – even though I’ve got that verse years ago. When the days are bright and the nights are clear, I can surely see things with my faith. But when stormy days await, I become impatient and decide to use my own goggles of understanding. Mostly, it will end in a way that I would want to avoid. Lesson learned (and need to be hung right in front of my hippocampus)!

This 3rd week of 2015 is truly a start for me and my family. My mom undergo a surgery two days ago to remove her womb due to some internal problem. Then on the same day, my sister-in-law was hospitalized due to typhus and diarrhea. And today, I had to deliver my niece to the ER because she couldn’t take any food or water in since yesterday.

I already take a lot time to wipe my sweat and move forward these days.

If I ask God what is His plan for us, most likely He will stay quiet. He does that because He wants us to believe in His plan – no matter what is that. Trust me, I stop looking for explanation and just pray. It helps.

Maybe the answer was blurted by my Dad earlier today. He said, it is enough for one year. I guess he’s right. I guess this is enough.

And I believe that God is listening to our prayers. I have faith.

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