The Love of January

I am turning 34 today and I could not say how grateful I am with all the love and attention from my family and friends all around. I charge my phone three times today and I declare myself as a gadget addict, because I would use all my time to read and reply message (FB, messenger, text). That’s how much they care about me. I wish I could do the same thing for all of them as well – to pray on their birthday and wishing them the best blessing of God.

Despite my circumstances and how bad I am when I nag, there are a lot of people who really care and love me as who I am. I also wish that I could treat them the same way too. One of my resolutions of 2015 is to connect more to people. I have to stop being too busy to meet up with my friends and catching up with them. Some of my friends called me ‘Minister’ or ‘Super Busy Woman’ or worse, ‘The one who’s never home’! I did not really that busy! You should see others with the real packed schedules, But I have to admit, I need to share more love to those around me this year. Busy schedule is an option and I am choosing to set aside some times for others.

My husband also gave me a new wallet – he knew the wrecked of my Harper & Smith wallet. Thanks, B! Even though he is not the type who would surprise me, I really appreciate his effort to find one for me. Well, I need to remember that the gift will not be an annual giving to me. He said that and he underlined that. Oh well …

Since I am full of love today, I want to share the love to you!

May all of you be blessed and be joyful in welcoming 2015! May you have a great journey ahead and love one another.

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