Wild Mind

Have you experience the inability to control your mind? As if it has its own gas pedal and brake – and we just see everything in movie frame. Ability to think, analyze and reflect is one blessing for human being. But it also brings its own flaws. Our mind is the strongest sense among others and the sharpest weapon of all.

These past few days, I experienced the wildness of my mind. I know the symptoms all too well. Whenever I feel awake at night and decided to do some work, instead of sleeping, then it is a strong signal. My mind is powering up at night and compromise my need to be in bed early. I slept at around 12 or 1am and woke up at 5.30 every morning – because I need to prepare breakfast for my husband. Sometimes I also work early, class at 7.30, yoga at 7.00. For some reasons, I didn’t feel tired. I would feel sleepy around noon times, but nothing else. Yes, that’s the sign.

I also started creating scenes and scenarios in my mind. I am imagining the excitement of giving my Dad the latest collection of Queen for his birthday. I am thinking to go for Deustch class. I have a wishful thinking to travel all around Europe in a whole year with my husband and prior to that, one publishing house will pay for everything in return for a travel book from me. Call me a Liz Gilbert wannabe – because I certainly am. I also think the fun feeling of having another job with bigger income – so I can buy a new car and save up a lot more. See, how many things that I can think of and add on in a short period of time.

It is easy to be drowned in our own pace of thinking. It is easy to believe everything that we think in the first place. It is hard to channel out those thoughts into something positive. It is hard to stand up tall with some wisdoms. We need to choose wisely.


To add to my thought, I am obsessed with some writing movies. The recent movie that I watch repeatedly is The Words – with Bradley Cooper acted as the young writer who stole a script of another writer. Writing is my saviour when it comes to pour out the content of my mind. Whenever it goes wild, I just write. I have an ongoing project to write daily for a year. It helps me to discipline my behavior, and also my mind. I am aware that every single day I can pour out everything from my mind and keep my balance.

What do you do when your mind go wild?

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