After A Long Journey

Hey everyone!

I am back on track after being away for 4.5 months from this blog. I have been busy and happy managing my new project – and somehow losing my grip on this one. Guilty as charged.

As I am being away, I learn a lot of things along the way. I learned that being grateful in daily basis is helpful – to bring your mind out of the cloud and see the sunshine. And that is one main reason why I started my project on the first place. I did not expect to meet other bloggers and have them to like and follow my blog! For me, that is a real surprise. Something to embrace and be grateful for.

Sunrise in Bali - Aug 2013
Sunrise in Bali – Aug 2013

On the other side, I also learn from my mistakes and downside stories this year. I learned how to cope after I lost my baby – due to miscarriage. I learned that the missing hole will always be there – not to be ripped open all the time, but to remind me that I am a mother, that I need to pray constantly for my baby (Hey there, baby M!) and to have empathy toward others with any form of losses.

Another change that I am experiencing is how much I love spending time alone in solitude. Why? Because by doing so, I can think and really reflect all the events in my life. I can ask myself on why do I take certain behaviors, what is the after-effect and how can I cope with my feelings. Along the journey of finding myself, I also bumped into special people who reinforce my need of being alone too. And here I am now, I would always spend a few minutes on my own. Either to sit and relax, or to read my favorite book, or simply just sipping my tea.

I will write a lot more later. It is time to go home now.

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