Psychoeducation: Trip to Hell or Understanding


As I lay myself to sleep, I turn on the radio and stumbled into a talk about sex. The speaker is called ‘an expert’ of sexual life (I missed the first part of introduction).

This type of talk is one form psychoeducation, in which psychologists are responsible to educate society regarding certain topics. The objective is to deliver the right information. Yes, the right information.

The speaker said that it is dangerous for parents of two children with different sex to let the children play together. The boy might imitate the girl in doll playing or the girl might be tomboy while playing with the boy. He mentioned that this kind of mixed playing process can cause sexual disorder.

The speaker also said that men are tend to follow their instinct and therefore, they might turn to be a sadomasochist because his instinct is no longer satisfied with a normal sex life.

I’m speechless. The program is still going on while I wrote this post. Sexual education is one important program for everyone and has to be delivered differently – based on the audience or age. Nevertheless, the information should be accurate and scientific.

I am trying not to judge this speaker on the radio, but his facts are not scientific and he used the word ‘might’ many times.

Personally, I always believe that our profession as a psychologist is not an easy one. We need to carry out our moral responsibility well – for the well being of our clients and the community. And of way to doing so, is by giving the correct and scientific information for the society.

I hope the society can enjoy the ride to understanding from our profession.

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