How Do You End 2013?

Today is the last day of 2013 – what’s on your mind?

Either you’re a festive person or a quiet one, you must have idea of how to end this year. End of year has been associated with celebration, fireworks, fancy diner, or being part of night festivals (as I write this post, I am watching the wonderful fireworks show at Sydney Harbour). But to close one full year of life journey, we need something deeper than that.

Regret VS New Chance
Within one full year, we made mistakes – out of purpose, negligence or simply unintended. We do have a lot of regrets – unsaid words, unfaithfulness, lies told, broken promises and many more. Feeling stuck? Yes, that’s the end result of regretting one full year of mistakes.

But, there’s another option of seeing this end of year as a way to close our mistakes peacefully and welcoming the new year as a new chance of doing good. Whatever mistakes or wrong doing that we made this year, we can learn the lessons and do better next year. Tomorrow morning, the sun will rise as it did today. But the different is everything will be started from zero again. It gives everyone a new start, a fresh beginning and a bright light to guide our way ahead.

So it is our choice – whether to stay in regret or moving forward and do better next year.

Share Love a Lot More
Loving others is a matter of doing small kindness for others despite the circumstances. Loving others is about being honest of our own feelings toward others. Loving others is not about giving gifts, sending cards or buying for them. Love is beyond that. It seems paradoxical when we say that love is big, but shown through small acts. But that’s the nature of love.

This upcoming year of 2014 is a new chance for us to share our love to others. Say the words, show the gestures – hug a lot more, kiss a lot more, and pray for those you love. Prayers go beyond borders, it will straight go to Heaven and God Himself will hear a sincere prayer our of love for others.

Spend Time with Yourself
Being in a crowd seems to be a cool choice – that’s true. But we also need time to spend with our own self. Those are afraid to be alone and be with himself will never be able to think through and feeling through his deepest emotions. His life seems normal, but it may lose the essence along the way. Time spend alone is not a sign of loneliness, but a sign of braveness. Brave enough to face his deepest fear, brave enough to feel his emotions, brave enough to admit his true self.

Happy New Year, everyone!
Let’s be hopeful that next year each of us will be able to bring goodness out of ourselves and make the world a better place to live.

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