Reflection of Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas, everyone!

We wish you all the happiness and joyful season with your loved ones.

I am writing this post as a way to share my reflection regarding Christmas this year. Some facts are: I didn’t go for Christmas mass, I didn’t go for confession and I spent Christmas day mingling around in Bali with my husband.

Looking to those facts, I feel terribly bad. But, let’s talk about the other side of my Christmas this year.

Good news are good news
When we hear good news, we tend to anticipate the upcoming not-so-good news, therefore it is not easy – for some people – to just embrace good news as good news.

About a week ago, my husband and I found out that I was pregnant. That was a good news and worth the effort of sharing. I always believe that the more, the merrier. If there are 10 people hear my good news, then 10 people will pray for me and my baby. Imagine if there are a lot more people know about this good news, then a lot more prayers are sent to Heaven for me and my baby.

Try something new
As we walked and strolled around Kuta on Christmas day, we stumbled into a nice shoe shop. I have definite reason to buy new flat shoes, because I used to wear high and super high heels for work. But now, flat shoes are my new best friends. My thought was buying a normal flat shoes. So, I dragged my husband and asked his opinion. And as I thought earlier, he just kept on saying No – that I look better in heels.

But what surprise me, he took me to visit a nice shoe shop I mentioned before. What I mean with nice is they have different and unique colors and designs. To be honest, not our cup-of-tea. But we just decided to buy those shoes.


I believe that by entering this new stage, I need to always be open to new-ness. This new pair of shoes will be a statement for me, that trying new experience will only add new insights for me.

Enjoying every step of the way
While in Bali, we really enjoy every step of the way. Both of us are foreigners and don’t know the road in Bali. While my husband is driving, I am in charge of looking at the GPS. Sometimes we lose the signal, so we go with manual map. Sometimes, the address is wrongly registered, so we canceled our well-planned dinner after driving around for almost an hour. Some other times, I had my calculation wrong – so my husband would take the wrong turns and I push the GPS to reroute quickly.

Despite the linger time on road, the bond between us is stronger. We learn on how to appreciate each other, we share the stories in the midst of traffic jam, we laugh til crying over silly stuff. We just enjoy every moment we have during this Christmas break.


And tonight, from Ubud …
We wish you all the same joy that we share here. Happiness is a matter of choice. It is a state of mind – and goes beyond what the eyes can see.

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