From Our First Month of Marriage

With a blink of an eye, our marriage is now passing the first month. It is new, no doubt. But I’m in awe for every lesson that I’ve leaned within this month.

From saying greetings, sending text message or understanding the roll of an eye. Communication is about sending the message to your spouse correctly and making sure that your spouse understand the message correctly. It is important for every couple to be able to understand the message between the lines, as much as the obvious ones.

It is important to communicate daily and share everything together. There’s no such thing as half-truth or hiding the truth whatsoever.

Laugh Together
Life is not easy. Marriage is not easy. But when you and your spouse can laugh over your problems, big chances that both of you will be fine. Of course, seriousness is a matter to address, but keep your face straight and send the message of being cold won’t do good in long terms.


Regular Date
It is important to keep regular dates with your spouse after the marriage. Remember the giggles and tickles when you were not married yet and how those small memories can light up the dim love? Do that more often now.

Do Daily Tasks (with a lot of love!)
Home cooked food is one way to show love to your spouse. Sometimes routine makes us hard to see through it – we lose for words, we have no reason to smile or even nothing to share any longer. But when you do routine with a joyful heart and add a lot of love, everything is going to be well.

Nothing can beat the power of a prayer. This is the most important thing to bring down God’s grace for us all.

I guess that’s a lot for the first month of marriage. I hope it can be beneficial for us all.

Love a lot, laugh a lot and be joyful.

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