“You Say Thank You Anyway”

Two days ago my Dad take-away 4 portions of nice Lo Mee from a nearby Chinese restaurant. When I had my second spoon, my Dad asked me if I already squeeze the lime onto my Lo Mee. Just when I said that I forgot it, the phone was ringing.

After a quick chat with my Aunt, I sat back to my chair. My niece, who was sitting next to me, said that she already squeezed the lemon for me.

My niece: Aunty, I did it for you (while showing the dry lemon)
Me: Ah, so nice of you. Thanks a lot!
My niece: But I dropped all the seeds into your bowl
Me: Never mind (smiling to her)
My niece: So even though I dropped the seeds, you say thank you anyway?
Me: Of course, because I appreciate your good intention to help me out
My niece: Ah, I see

I was surprised that she observed thoroughly. That short incident proved to me that a child see, a child do (from the saying: monkey see, monkey do). The best model of implementing discipline and values to our children is by doing it in our everyday life and let our children see it. It will send a loud and clear message to our children that good behavior is part of life and not a burden.

I wish a joyful week for all of you and family.

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