Negativity and its stormy effects

My work gives me a lot of opportunities to meet with people. Some of them come with genetic based problems or anything related with biological disorders. But most of them come because they have been living in negativity, either they create it or created by those around them.

Imagine a very young kid who is raised by his negative mom. When he touches the window, his mom will shout, “Oh, the spider is crawling into you” – just to stop him from playing with the curtain. When he spills his food, his mom says, “Oh what good can come from a toddler like you?” When he makes a loud voice of excitement, his mom replies, “Don’t you know that I’m having a bad headache?”

These sayings and replies continue. This young boy is now a teenager. He is a good teenager, staying at home for most of the time, refuses to join the local church community and has limited circle of friends. His mom says that his son had limited social skills, unlike her who knows everyone and everything.

Now, this passive young man has graduated from college. He has all the money – because his grandparents are rich, but he has no vision. His mom says, “I always got it right, I always knew that you would not be able to be someone. You are just like that. Nothing good comes from you.”

She is absolutely right, there is nothing good comes from her son because she never let the seeds of positivity grow inside of her son. Her insecurity and negativity has successfully killing all the potentials in her son’s life.

If you want to be happy, start smiling each morning before you start your day, praise at least 5 people a day, say hello to strangers or the janitors in your office. Be positive and you’ll see the sun is shining even brighter, and you’ll be happier.

I am blessed to have the opportunities to witness both sides of life, because it teaches me to be more grateful with all the small positivity that I have and not merely cursing others for their ‘negativity’

Happy weekend everyone!

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