The Warmth of Christmas

Christmas is here!

I used to spend Christmas day with my family back at my hometown. We had an annual visit to a Carmelites monastery about an hour driving from our house. We spent the Christmas eve there as a family and enjoying the abundant grace from the Lord for our family. I learned since very young that Christmas is meant to be a warm and loving season with our loved ones. I believed in Santa Claus, who always gave presents for Christmas day. Well, even though later on I found that the real Santa was my parents, I still believe in the miracle of Christmas day.

This year, I have to be somewhere else. I’ve spent this morning of Dec 24 by watching great Christmas shows by Michael Buble, Lady Antebellum and (now playing) Glee. The show remind me of how important it is to be loved and to be close with your family.

Image I really want to be home right now, but life has given me something else today. I will celebrate the mass with my fiance, with mt new family.

Christmas is not about the decoration, not about the party – but it is about the warmth, togetherness and the joyful feeling of being a family.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone! May this season brings lots of love for you and your loved ones.

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