Love Lesson From A Five-Year Old

Today, April 16, is a special day – because this is the birthday of my only niece, Ellicia. I already bought some small presents for her and still getting some others too. The dinner will be set on Friday, April 20.

I used to give her the first gift by putting my present in front of her room one night before her birthday, so the next day she will wake up and find the present there. I also never missed her birthday for whatever reasons. But today, on her 5th birthday, I learned my lesson in a hard way.

My niece and I

I started my day this morning by getting ready for my works today and end up seeing clients just before lunch time. Meanwhile, 90 kilometers away, my niece was telling her mother that I’m not going to get any parcel from her, since I forgot her birthday!

Hearing this, my Aunt, who happened to be in our house, called me immediately. When I asked my Aunt to give the phone to my niece, she refused and yelling, “I’m busy”. Yes, she was busy opening her presents. But, she would never refused my calls.

Then I called again to my house, her voice was on the line and I was so excited. But when she heard my voice, she gave the phone to my Aunt. She didn’t even say hello to me. When my Aunt asked her to speak to me, she started to cry! I knew that was the start of a drama.

I had to go back to my client after the phone call. After about 20 minutes, I excused myself because my Aunt called me and this time, my niece was willing to talk to me! I apologize and told her that I would never forget her birthday. She said that she’s no longer angry with me. When I told her that I love her, she replied with a flat tone (we used to be very dramatic in loving each other!).

That time, I could hold back my tears anymore – no matter how hard I tried. I was crying because I didn’t realize how hurt is was for her when her special Aunt didn’t really make the effort to call her. She didn’t need the presents, but she need the attention, especially when our relationship is very deep.

I felt very tired afterward. As if I drained out all of my energy.

But … I learned a huge love lessons today. When someone really loves you, that someone will value your presence or attention more than your gifts. When someone really loves you, that someone will forgive you and say that he/she still loves you – no matter how hurt it was. Of course, they will need time to heal, but they will never have a change of heart. Just like my niece loves me.

I know now what it feels to be loved sincerely!

Happy birthday, Ellicia!
You’re the greatest gift from heaven from me. You’re truly the angel that God sent for me – at exactly the right time.

Love you!

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