Worry For The Worthy

How many times we let ourselves weary? How many hours we let our hearts pounding too fast and heads spinning heavily – just because we worry?

None of us never experience weariness. Being worry is naturally part of our humanity. The sense of weariness can be our alarm system when something is not going to the right direction or, when bad thing is happening in front of us. We worry when our friend is hospitalized after having bad sports injury. We worry when we see our wallet getting thinner while pay check is still on its way to us. We worry when our spouse or partner does not behave in their usual way.

But, worry over unworthy matters is really a waste – of time, of thoughts, of money and of many other resources. We shall worry for the worthy matters. We shall worry over a friend who’s having injury – because it helps (or drive?) us to find professional helps. Weariness can also be a sign that we care for our friend. We worry about our friend’s condition – how he/she will get better, how long is the recovery, what kind of medication that he/she needs and what can we do as a friend. Those kind of weariness can act as a fuel for us to get involve in chains of good deed.

What if we spend all of our resources to worry over silly matters? Well, it might be silly for some – but it might be important for others, therefore they choose to worry over those matters.

Some people worry if their hair won’t fall at the right place – at all time. They become too aware and too conscious with themselves. In this case, they won’t be able to enjoy their present moment. They will busy fixing their hair all day long and forget the beautiful sunrise through their curtains, or the nice view of the beach – where they stand and busily fixing their hair.

Some people may worry about a tiny little pimple on their faces. They draw conclusion that one little pimple is equal with a life disaster, a ruined facial treatment, a bad luck or even a bad life.

Weariness over important matters is needed. But weariness over unimportant matters is a waste. Enjoy your life by choosing your weariness ‘wisely’ (as your battlefield) – and throw away all of those waste in front of you. Grab a double-scoop ice cream and smile upon your life!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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