Expect The Unexpected

I believe we hear the saying of ‘expect the unexpected’ many times from many different occasions. This saying somehow sends a message to our mind that we need to be ready – in facing many unexpected happenings. ‘Unexpected’ is prone to be defined as ‘something bad happen suddenly’ or ‘something happen out of plan’.

But do we ever think that all the goodness also sometimes out of our expectation?

This week has been a rough week for me. First incident was when my mom called me on Monday and told me that my Dad got a vision problem on his right eye. My immediate reaction was checking on her whether my Dad has seen a doctor. He did – but not seeing any specialist, because in Indonesia we have a-week-off holiday due to Eid Mubarak (Hari Raya for Moslem people). This doctor suggested my Dad to go to Singapore and have a thorough check.

My expectation was: expensive tickets, full booked hotel and bad traffic.

The happenings were: we got standard tickets (considered cheap during peak season), we also got a vacant room and the traffic was good. I also got a help from a dear friend to pick up my Dad from Malang (my home town) to Surabaya, because the flight would take place in Surabaya. They were all unexpected!

While we were in Singapore, we also experienced the good unexpected happenings! The first eye clinic that we went was recommended by a relative. Dad decided to go there with an expectation of paying a lot of money. His expectation was correct. Doctor suggested a treatment for his retina which will cost him $4000 for one treatment – and he suggested us to have 3 times of treatment, followed by laser treatment. Amidst the shock of hearing the cost, there was unexpected person accompany us – my dear cousin, Shierly. She browsed a few good doctor – retina specialist, and gave the number to me. She also helped us check out the price at any other hospitals or clinics.

We end up register ourselves at one government hospital. We were seeing a Professor who specialised in retina problems. She helped us to get a clear understanding of what happen with my Dad. Also with the patience of her medical practitioner (her assistant), he assisted us well and explained everything for us.

They suggested the same treatment with the same medication, but this time the treatment will cost us half the previous price given to us! They also suggested another medication as our alternative with much cheaper price, $500!

Those were all unexpected! But they were all good …

Unfortunately, there was also an unexpected happening to my dear friend, in which he lost his Dad just a day after he helped my picking up my Dad. May his soul rest in peace …

God be with us all!

3 thoughts on “Expect The Unexpected

  1. I think we should never expect the unexpected. Because everything that you put into your mind, expands into your life. We should not focus in what we do not want, but in what we want. We should accept what happens and try to see a positive side on it.
    This world seems to give you everything that you focus with your mind and everything that you feel with all your heart. If you want good things coming into your life, then picture then, think about then and feel them yours already. You will be amazed with the results.

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