Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

August 17, 2011- the 66th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day.

I was born and grew up in Indonesia – and I am proud to be one. Despite the corrupted system in every area of life, living in Indonesia is good. We do have thousand of islands, million of nice people and uncountable holiday destinations. My favorite domestic trip is Bali and Jakarta. They offer different air of enjoying holiday, but still, they offer a lot of things.

Sunset at Kuta Beach (September 2010)
Daily show at one mall in Jakarta (Christmas 2010)

Indonesia is also a rich place of diversity – cultural, religion, or background – which should be embraced and not interpreted as the source of riot and conflicts.

My first year of doing Masters in Airlanga University - Surabaya

There are a lot of things to do though – for governments and all Indonesian people. Please think of the our daily safety while traveling, doing our job or having family time. Lots of people will miss you – once you become reckless and lose your time in enjoying life!

One truck slipped on my way from Malang to Surabaya
Look at those workers without safety apparatus!
What a high-risk family traveling

But above all …

I wish Indonesia all the best – getting rid to those corrupt leaders (fingers crossed), clean system, better education and transportation system … and a deeper love for this country!

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