I’m in Love (Again)

Since the first time I fell for it, I knew it will be my lifetime lover. I fell in love with writing – and will always be.

I am a writer and I write a lot. In my diary, my blog, my articles and my patients’ reports (if that’s included). The reason why I love writing is because the unlimited space of being in the process itself. I can always write about someone else – fiction or non-fiction, and the story will enrich itself during the process. I can be the creator of my characters or … I can be the character for my story as well.

When I saw movies about writers or read books about them, I always imagine how cool it is to be a writer. They can go beyond borders, interpreting casual events as something special (richness of language, I supposed) and breathing life into the characters in their books. Writers may have the power to control their characters – but there’s no guarantee it will always be that way, because sometimes the characters will evolve themselves – with or without helps from the writers.

I love to write about life – how a story of ordinary people can be seen as extraordinary when we see them as such. The basic for me is listening to others. Their stories, their nags, tears and laughters and also, the twisted plot of life.

I have to admit that it’s been a while for me to really let myself fall in love again with writing. But now, I’m drifting myself back. And as a start, I bought Glimmer Train, a journal of short stories (Summer 2011 – vol 79) and the bulletin of Writers Ask. Good start – which means I need to close it with a good end.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Let yourself fall in love again with your interest or hobbies – and excel with love!

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