Singapore Holiday – Part 4

Sentosa trip was on the schedule today!

At around 1030, we left the apartment and headed to VivoCity – for a bit of shopping and waiting for the trip to Sentosa Island.

While waiting, we had our lunch separately. I had a healthy 6-inch Tuna sandwich at Subway! It tasted good – for the last time I had it was 6 years ago LOL! My relatives had their own choices of dishes. Then I had to accompany my niece – because she was tired and the rest were still on their route of shopping. We bought a cup of gelatto ice cream – my flavour was Rocher while her flavour was Milo. Both were tasty! Unfortunately there was no photo taken because we were focused on the ‘eating’ process!

Tuna Sandwich at Subway

Another snacks that we had were Kaya/Chocolate/Cream Wassant and Cheese Bun. They all tasted good and smooth …

Wassant - Provence Bakery

Then off we go to Sentosa!
First, Butterfly and Insect Museum. What I love the most was the photo sessions with the butterfly. My niece and the other kids her age were scared with the bugs flying around and also by the spiders inside the glass. I guess they were not too happy with this visit.

Butterfly Park

Second, we’re off to Underwater World – especially to watch the sea gull and Pink Dolphin Show. My niece was so excited during the two shows. Even we – the adults – were also happy. The visit then was closed with the show at the beach – Songs of the Sea. The crowd was so full and my relatives were so happy with the whole show. They said it is cheap to pay only $10 and able to watch such show. The story was about a salvation of a Prince by a young man named Lee. Pretty classic, but the water fountain, fire, laser and fireworks were the main attraction during the show.

At the Dolphin Show

So, with a happy heart, we’re all off to apartment and ready to end the day. But before that, we managed to buy cups of hot chocolates and soft drinks and also … Peanut Butter Toast from Toast Box – Ion Orchard.

Peanut Butter Toasted - Toast Box (I-On Orchard)

Have a good day everyone!

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