Singapore Holiday – Part 3

Today is our 3rd day of holiday. The early morning was started when my niece jumped into me – because last night we made a deal: if she wakes up earlier than me, then she is allowed to jump into my bed. She did – into me!

There was a change of plan though. At first, we would like to go to Sentosa Island and spend a whole day there. But because we had to move out from our free suite rooms, then we decided to cancel the Sentosa’s plan and spend the day at Orchard. So, we packed everything, checked out and checked in to our – supposedly – rented apartment at Lucky Plaza. The room was small (of course, compare to Crockford Tower Hotel) – but we enjoyed it anyway.

After we dropped our belongings, we went for lunch at Lucky Hainanese Chicken Rice – just a few level under our place. This food is one of Singaporean favorite dish and a-must when you visit Singapore. There are two types of chicken: steamed or roasted. Both are delicious, depend on what’s your preference.

Roasted Drumstick Rice - Lucky Chicken Rice - Lucky Plaza

Then .. Off we go to Bugis Street! Heaven for those who loves to shop! I didn’t really shop there – just a couple for my casual dress up. My cousins were excited to be there – even though they end up buying nothing (oh, well).

After a while there, finally I could go to Bras Basah complex. This place is my favorite place whenever I visit Singapore, because I could spend hours at the book stores there. Popular bookstore offered a great deal for self-hel books. And as predicted, I bought 5 books within 1 hour. The first 3 books were the series from The Times Publishers. I believed the books will give me much advantage for my daily routine at work – especially for my training materials. I’m now giving training to many levels of professional workers, students or parents. My training is mostly about self-help skills – on how you can manage yourself and overcome all those negative emotions, stress or depression. I also bought a book on Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and one Children Bible for my niece. The price was good but the short time made me unhappy – because I got to hurry up!

Bugis Junction

Then we went to Bugis Junction. Because of the short time and the many demands from many people, we end up buying nothing and decided to go to back to Orchard Road. As you well aware, Orchard is the main road in which people will come and buy things, eat nice food in the area or simply just catching up with their friends or relatives. We bought t-shirts and other gifts for our friends back in Indonesia.

And … The night was closed by dinner! My dish was a tasty and super delicious Beef Ramyun at Lucky Plaza food court! The portion was big – that’s why I love to order any kind of soups for my dinner in Singapore, because the size is (too) big enough!

Beef Ramyun - Lucky Plaza Food Court

Alright, it’s almost midnight by now. I’m ready to hit the bed and let my swollen feet have a rest. Tomorrow is our day for Sentosa trip!

Have a great day, everyone!

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