Singapore Holiday – Part 2

This morning was started with many yawns and teary eyes! Yes, we still felt tired when we woke up … But we were ready to kick the day! Because our menu today are: a-day out at Universal Studio and dinner at Clarke Quay.

Universal Studio
After we done with morning preparations (girls!) – we went down to the lower ground and within second we could see the sign of Universal Studio!

Photos surely taken! Heaps of them!
With Woody Woodpecker, Kung Fu Panda (ouw yeah!), Frankenstein, a hot wolf from The Mummy and many more ! We also stopped for brunch at an American-style dine-in: Mel’s Dine-In with its famous burger and hot dog. My burger crispy chicken was big – and surely enough to enjoy while there was band outside singing and dancing a-la 60’s band! They were so cool! For some reason, I fell in love with their Elvis-like hairstyle!

Hug me, Po!
The Show in front Mel Dine-In

For our late lunch, we had a family combo pack of chicken, mash potato and fried buns at Goldilocks. The food was common – but we went there because there were so many people with their own preferences. Fried chicken won!

We went for several shows and rides – Shrek 4D with tickling breeze under our seats and watery splash when Donkey sneezed. My cousins took the ride on roller coaster and we also went to Water World show – a show about a war between pirates and the protagonists.

Before we decided to go back to the hotel, I took the last ride at Jurassic Park. We were told that we might be wet or soaking wet. Guess what! Yes, we were soaking wet – from head to toe after our boat bumped into a giant rock and landed on fast current water. It was Fun for sure!

Clarke Quay
Then we went back to the hotel and getting ready for our dinner. We were late from our appointment with my youngest uncle – Raymond Lau Wei Min, a Professor at Nan Yang University in Singapore. At first he would love to bring us to his favorite Western restaurant, but it was already closed their last order. So, he brought us to Jumbo Seafood – one of a well-known seafood restaurant in Singapore. He got the honour to order the food for us – for he was the only man around! And he was the one who knows the dishes.

Chilli Crab - Jumbo Seafood Clarke Quay

We had 5 dishes – Chilli Crab, Fried Noodle, See Hock Steamed Fish, Shrimp and Tofu & Broccoli. All were great! My most favorite dish was See Hock Steamed Fish …

Steamed See Hock - Jumbo Seafood Clarke Quay

We finished dinner at 1030 and headed to hotel afterwards. The day was end by the time we reached into the hotel room … Tired, swollen still, but happy and excited!

Sentosa Resorts

See you for the third day report!
Have a great weekdays!

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