Singapore Holiday March 2011 – Part 1

After waiting for a few months to have this holiday, finally I could welcome myself and the girls to Singapore!

This trip was made solely to girls – not due to gender issues, but because it happened to be all girls when we arranged this trip. We are: me, my sister-in-law, her sister, my niece, my cousin, and two Aunts!

Complete Team at UNiversal Studio Singapore

Actually at first, it was only my youngest aunt who would join us, then last week, suddenly my elder aunt decided to give us a surprise by jumping in to out holiday. But … That was not the only surprise. She got invited by our relative to stay for free at Crockfords Tower at Sentosa Resort World! We got two suite room for FREE! Yes, you read it right – for free!

Crockfords Tower Hotel at Sentosa Resorts

So, my both aunts decided to go straight to the hotel (they were smart!) and let us the young people to enjoy the night for a while.

So, I lead the young girls to Orchard Road because I was the only one who ever been here before. I decided to take bus from the airport. At first, the driver was young and clueless (what about us – the foreigners). He couldn’t count of the sum of our tickets – 3 adults and 1 child. But, that was fine. He finally managed it well …

After 2 stops, he got his schedule change. The second driver was a middle-aged uncle who looked alike Grumpy – from the Seven Dwarfs. He certainly was not the nicest driver ever. When I asked him about the closest stop to Orchard, he didn’t even bother to look at me and just answered, “The other side of the road!” Then I asked him further, “So, where should I stop?” He answered, “The other side of the road! So, so, so!!!” I quit asking instantly (after saying Thank You), pressed the stop button and jumped out.

We were then able to manage to Orchard Rd (which was in walking distance) and had our late dinner. I had Vietnamese cuisine – mixed beef soup from Wendy’s Vietnamese Kitchen at I-On Orchard. The taste was hilarious – enough to get rid of my long day, the face of grumpy bus driver and swollen feet!

Vietnamnese Beef Noodle from Wendy's Vietnamnese at I-On Orchard Singapore

To close the night, we took MRT and enjoyed the ride to Sentosa. My niece was so amazed with everything around her. When I asked her which one is nicer to stay at home with driver and car ready, or to be here in Singapore – hailing cabs, waiting for the bus or MRT? She chose Singapore. I think the situation is different in which people can appreciate public facilities as theirs and use it wisely.

Oh, the first night in Singapore is truly a blessing from God. We got this extra suite room and the togetherness is beyond anything.

Photos will be uploaded soon! Meanwhile, I will update my travelling stories daily from Singapore.

Have a great weekend, people!

One thought on “Singapore Holiday March 2011 – Part 1

  1. So, it wasn’t a real bad though…. =)
    Read my blog as well about Wulan’s graduation….
    Gonna look forward for your update 😉

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