What a 3-year-old Girl Can Think of

Regarding myself as a proud Aunt, I would like to share numbers of conversation between my niece, Ellicia, a smart and critical 3-year-old with the adults around her.

Ellicia Clarence Yuwono

Night Prayer
Every night Ellice would close her day by saying grace with her mom. At first her mom say the grace in Indonesia and she followed after. She is now able to say the grace all by herself. Until one night …

Ellice : Jesus … (Then stop). Mom, continue please
Mom : (continue in Indonesia)
Ellice : No, Ma! I said, Jesus. So, you have to continue the prayer in English!
Mom : (silence .. Then laugh) It’s too hard for mommy to say the grace in English …

Who’s The Doctor?
Ellice : When we got sick, who’s the healer?
Mom : Doctor (GP).
Ellice : Mommy! No, the healer is our God.

Where’s St. Joseph?
We were at the Sunday Mass one day. Ellice was sitting on my lap and pointed to the big cross of Jesus.

Ellice : Aunty, Jesus is on the cross. That’s when He was beaten up.
Me : Yes
Ellice : (pointing at the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) And that’s when Jesus won the battle.
Me : (smiling) Yes!
Ellice : Then what happened to Him?
Me : He then lifted up to Heaven
Ellice : Mother Mary too? Why?
Me : Yes, because she was a very good example of being obedient to God’s will.
Ellice : What about St. Joseph?
Me : (I never had a thought that this one is coming!!). Well, he already in Heaven waiting for Jesus and Mother Mary to come.

And she was satisfied …

Can You Find Food in Banjarmasin?
My aunt came from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan for a long stay in our place. On the day she was about to go home, she packed a big pack of snack and food from my hometown, Malang in East Java.

Ellice : Grand Aunty, why did you buy a lot of such snacks and food from Malang? Can you find any food in Banjarmasin?
Grand Aunt: (Laughing Out Loud)

How can we not love this beautiful little angel?
Aunt C loves you for sure!

One thought on “What a 3-year-old Girl Can Think of

  1. hahahhaha…BRILLIANT!
    like it! 😉
    i guess the miracle of ur prayers when she was inside her mom’s womb is proven 😀 (duh celemotan iki inglis kuw)

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