When I am thinking …

It’s early in the morning. It’s 1.10am and I’m laying on my bed.

My head is so full with many things. Consideration. Thoughts. Weariness. Dreams. Unfinished business. Prayers. And myself.

Little that I knew, that brain can be controlled. If we want to. So, it won’t mix things up together. Bad and good. Negative and positive. We can control on what to install in our brain. And also, what to uninstall from our brain. It is merely about making choices. It is also a learning process of letting go some (un)necessary stress, and just make friends with important stress.

I had a thought one time, would it be better for us if we are able to put our brain in a bowl and check on it. Pull out the weeds and nourish the good seeds of positive thoughts. It will be easier for us to clean up our brain from mind toxic.

Well, I just made another thought. And it means that my brain won’t even have a second of being in a bowl and have me check on it. All I can do is to installing many new positive software and uninstall the old-rotten negative thought.

Writing is my way to share it to you.

4 thoughts on “When I am thinking …

  1. I would say that’s easier said than done. A restless mind will always keep one awake. You’re right about the choices, because without decisions your brain will never turn off..

    1. We tend to be heart-hardened. Even when we know the choices are there, we still let the mind works the hardest – well, sometimes it happens to me! And I really need to turn my brain off duty soon … But without put it in a bowl though LOL. Welcome to wordpress! Enjoy blogging …

  2. What’s with the writing???? LoL
    OMG Cecille, what’s going through on you???
    When you land back, tell me soon =)

    1. It was written on my notepad last night after I sent you the text msg. Nothing much, I guess. Just pour out my thought – which already full with too many things. As you said before, my blog is more into cognitive theme! Guess this post is the ‘hit’ one LOL.

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